Night Sky Infinity Cube Fidget Toys for Stress Relief

  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 4cm x 4 cm x 4 cm
  • Color: Night Sky
  • Infinity Cube is an awesome handheld fidget toy playable with one hand. Easy to carry every due to its pocket-size. It has high quality material and can withstand constant flipping and folding because it is composed with 8 blocks linked together with strong ABS plastic. This Infinity cube fidget is a great way to realease stress from school and work and also improve your focus while studying, working. It’s a wonderful desk accessory, time killer, conversation starter and everyday carry device. Great office desk accessory when not used or played with. Great toy for kids and adults.

Note: Due to different display, the color might be slightly different

Hcb08b18759a0426bb6d49e0c32113191q - Infinity Cube Fidget
H393c0727eff1455bb603b738b97213fbB - Infinity Cube Fidget
H0c0c39d99abb4c6792bff1879cc861fcS - Infinity Cube Fidget
Hebb21c83917c42bbbe58e1cc623f6633Z - Infinity Cube Fidget
H8eba1746277f4719be7d9eb1fc2462c0c - Infinity Cube Fidget
Hd0cac484c4804ddda8cb334419b82faf8 - Infinity Cube Fidget
Hf4265c34ac734a4985355cf2ca2035d4m - Infinity Cube Fidget
H4ef80d7f651843b389b89c1062fec5f1C - Infinity Cube Fidget
Hbcb1ed422f7f4157bff516e944a4df57Y - Infinity Cube Fidget
H55e3604126d54d77a081e0c70d980ed2N - Infinity Cube Fidget

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7 reviews for Night Sky Infinity Cube Fidget Toys for Stress Relief

    July 16, 2022
    On October 14 I ordered, 15-go-sent, on November 5 came to Canada, as in the description, I recommend
    May 23, 2022
    Got everything right and well packed
    April 13, 2022
    It looks very nice, good quality/price and brings all your pieces, sent in 3 weeks
    February 18, 2022
    Very happy with the product! It took him a long time to get to the Canary Islands but the seller at all times has been very kind, the impression is very good
    January 21, 2022
    Really cute set! Will order another one,Shipping is super fast also
    December 29, 2021
    Excellent quality and very good
    December 28, 2021
    Arrived very early and fully satisfied with the product
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